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Kat Jewels, where elegant Victorian, Steampunk Chic and Shabby Chic designs are handcrafted, and many one of a kind designs.  Kat Jewels will custom any piece, just ask.

Tintype Cameo

Kat Jewels has a wonderful collection of Tintypes 1880 circa. 

A tintype -- also known as a ferrotype -- is an image produced on a thin metallic sheet that is not actually tin but coated iron. The name "tintype" may refer to the tin snips used to cut the sheets apart. Or the name may have generically referred to a cheap metal -- anything other than silver. A tintype is a form of ambrotype, which is an under-exposed negative that appears as a positive image when placed on top of a dark background. Tintypes were a major step forward from glass plate negatives, which were fragile and more time-consuming to produce. 

Tintype photography falls between the invention of the daguerreotype in 1833 and the introduction of rolled film in 1888. In the mid-19th century, the tintype provided an inexpensive technology for the masses to capture their loved ones on film. Tintypes were wildly popular for just a few decades.

 Adolphe Alexandre Martin of France invented the tintype process in 1853. Tintypes were extremely popular among Civil War soldiers, who loved to have their pictures taken in uniform to send back home.

Many of the Tintypes we use to create our one of a kind cameos will be identied through a first name. All the names were provided with the albums orginially owned by a photographer and passed down through generations.

Each cameo is handcut and filed to make it smooth and to fit snug into the antique bezels. As a result of age there are some blemished that were picked up by the camera but not as visible with the naked eye.

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